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We build a product that builds products the world has never seen.
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What is
Whoock and
what we do?

AI website generator & builder for creating digital products faster and with wider range of functionality. We launch in
Early spring


Quickly create a professional website in minutes with our AI chatbot


Personalize your website design to match your brand or style


Easily add and edit content using our AI chat


Get 24/7 customer support from our team whenever you need it

Create a personalized website with ease using Whoock's AI-powered platform. No technical skills required.
Launch your breakthrough startup with Whoock

Let your ideas flow

Create interactive websites with all the features you need to launch a successful startup. Just type what you want to create in our Chat Editor® and get your full-fledged website in a couple of minutes.

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Stages of development

1. Collecting Datasets.

+100 billion code lines collected from open sources

2. Creating a Machine Learning model.

Create a ML algorithm for generating and editing websites through text messages in a chat

3. Working on the backend.

Develop a chat for live website generating and edit, install payment processing

4. Model training.

Train the model on the collected dataset of +100 billion code lines

5. Testing.

Ensure that beta version meets agreed expectations

6. Beta version release.

Show the beta to the world and change the IT development industry

Our pricing


Try out our website generator & editor


  • domain
  • Free Hosting
  • Chat Editor
  • Frontend Only (No Backend)

For websites with recurring customers, revenue


  • Custom Domain
  • Better Hosting
  • Chat Editor
  • 5x response speed
  • Backend Included

For websites of scaling companies with larger capacity needs


  • All from Startup plan
  • Updates available earlier
  • 24/7 Technical & Sales Support
  • Payment Processing
  • Hosting Cluster


Think it. Describe it.
Whoock it!

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